Do you know if your WordPress site is secure? Do you follow all the best practices security guide lines to protect your website? Thanks to WP Security Scan there is an easy way to know the answers to these questions, and keep your website secure.

WP Security Scan is, of course, a WordPress plugin that scans your site for security vulnerabilities and it suggest methods in which your can remedy the situation.

This plugin was created by WebsiteDefender, which is an online security service that helps to keep on watch sites from vulnerabilities and suspicious hacker activity. Not only they provide a great plugin, but also if you register online (Free) to get more advanced features, they can protect you from hacker activity by auditing and monitoring the security of your website, and offering you simplified solutions to stay up and running all the time, avoiding getting blacklisted by Google, audit your website for security holes, detect Malware and more.

Plugin features

WP Security Scan can suggest correcting all the following:

  • File permissions
  • Database security
  • Passwords
  • WordPress admin protection/security
  • Version hiding
  • Removes WP Generator META tag from core code

System requirements

  • WordPress 3.0 and later
  • PHP5 and later

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