In this WordCamp video — World Class SEO — Jim Marks in little over 30 minutes will share with you a lot of useful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips, tricks and techniques that every web developer should know to rank better in search engines, get more traffic and more conversion. If you don’t know much about SEO or nothing at all, it doesn’t matter, he goes from beginners, intermediate to advanced, no matter your level of understanding in this topic.

You will learn very valuable information about the importance of: Permalinks, Category Descriptions, Choose Keywords based on traffic and competition, Keyword Rich URLs, H1, XML sitemap, Page Navigation, Tweet for faster indexing, Custom Taxonomies and much more. You won’t regret the 30+ minutes spent!

Knowing that your content is one the most important assets you posses in your site, Jim Marks thinks a little different, he said: “SEO is the king and content is the queen, but she runs the household. One can’t live without the other”.