We are getting closer to the final release of WordPress 3.3. Today Beta 3 has been released and is ready for you to download, play, test, and report any bug that you may find.

To have an idea WordPress 3.3 Beta 3 has about 200 changes since Beta 2 that came out a few weeks ago. Like the WordPress team reports, no more features are going to be added beyond this point –now it is all about getting rid off bugs to have a fully functional version.

Once again plugin and theme developers are encouraged to test your work in this WordPress 3.3 Beta 3 release, that way if something isn’t working right, you can fix bugs before the final release is out.

It is also important if you are a developer to test your plugin that uses jQuery, because now the WordPress team has updated to jQuery 1.7 at the core.

If you are testing WordPress 3.3 beta 2 and if you are having some problems, discuss them with us, but you should also post it in Alpha/Beta area in the support forums, report it to the wp-testers mailing list. Join thedevelopment IRC channel and tell us live at irc.freenode.net #wordpress-dev, and File a bug ticket on the WordPress Trac.