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The so awaited WordPress 3.2 has been released today and it is available for download now world-wide. This is the 15th major release of the most popular CMS software in the world and this release comes just after four-months of version 3.1.

“The focus for this release was making WordPress faster and lighter.” Matt Mullenweg said. After updating you will find a redesigned dashboard that tightness the typography, code behind the admin and design.

WordPress 3.2 Dashboard – Full view:

Redesigned WordPress 3.2 - Dashboard

WordPress 3.2 Dashboard – Compact view:

Redesigned WordPress 3.2 - Dashboard Compact

Also 3.2 Gershwin comes with the final release of the new Twenty Eleven theme, which is fully HTML5 and it comes with a lot fun features.

Now when you start writing your next post in version 3.2 there is a new redesigned post editor, and look closely for the fullscreen mode button in the editing toolbar to activate the new distraction-free writing or zen mode, which will fade away all widgets, buttons, menus and interface elements, leaving nothing more than mouse pointer on the screen. According to Matt Mullenweg, this will allow the user to compose and edit a post in a completely clean environment, but when the mouse strays to the top of the screen a toolbar with the most-used shortcuts will be available right away for you to use.

WordPress 3.2 new Post editor:

Redesigned WordPress 3.2 - New Post editor

WordPress 3.2 new Post editor full screen with distraction-free writing or zen mode:

WordPress 3.2 - Distraction free- writing or Zen mode

WordPress 3.2 new Post editor full screen with distraction-free writing or zen mode with fade away elements:

WordPress 3.2 - Distraction free writing or Zen mode - Activated

There has been a lot of improvements under the hood, one of the biggest news in this release is the stop of support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (a.k.a IE6), and also WordPress is retiring support for PHP 4, and older version of MySQL; now the minimum requirement to install WordPress 3.2 is PHP version 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0.

The admin bar also had some changes as well, elements has been re-arranged and new shortcuts has been added to have the most commonly used actions right at your fingertips.

WordPress 3.2 - admin bar - admin

WordPress 3.2 - admin bar - Add New

WordPress 3.2 - admin bar - Appearance

Starting in WordPress 3.2 “Gershwin” only files that has been changed are going to be updated instead of every file in the WordPress installation, making it even faster to update on all hosting environment.

To update, you should be able to do so by going to the WordPress dashboard and click the Please update now link or if you want to update manually you can use the link below to download.

Remember to backup your whole WordPress site (installation files, database, and export all your posts) before updating, and also make sure that you are running PHP version 5.2.4 or greater and MySQL 5.0 or greater. If you don’t know how to check these settings, I will recommend you to download and install a WordPress plugin called WP System Health and use it to see if you meet the minimum requirement.

To avoid issues, deactivate all plugins before update and refer to WordPress 3.2 Troubleshooting Master List if you run into any problems.

So, what do you think about the new WordPress 3.2?

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