Widget Context for WordPress

Widget Context WordPress plugin let you control the visibility of widgets

Widget Context allows you to specify where WordPress widgets are going to be visible in your website’s sidebar, for example, show certain widgets per specific posts, only in the homepage, categories, tags, or archive pages and so on. 

Widget Context for WordPress

This is a great plugin that you can utilize when you only want to display certain ad size in the homepage, but you want to display another type of ad in each post. Or when you only want to display a certain plugin in one specific place in your site — You get the idea.

The installation of this WordPress plugin is the same as any other plugin. Once it’s installed, Widget Context is going to append an additional section at the bottom of each widget where you can set the visibility settings.

One thing to keep in mind, if you are using any plugin that offers web caching, you may need to flush/delete the cache in order to see the changes.

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