WP Security Scan for WordPress [Security plugin]

Do you know if your WordPress site is secure? Do you follow all the best practices security guide lines to protect your website? Thanks to WP Security Scan there is an easy way to know the answers to these questions, and keep your website secure. WP Security Scan is, of course, a WordPress plugin that scans your […]

How to fix WordPress white screen of death caused by WP-Super-Cache plugin

In this Set WordPress how-to, I am going share the way I fixed the WordPress white screen of death caused by WP-Super-Cache. This is something that no one wants to run in to, not in the middle of the night when there is not much traffic, neither in the afternoon when tons of people are […]

WP Mobile Detector WordPress plugin – Show visitors the right theme for the right device

WP Mobile Detector is a WordPress plugin that will automatically detect what type of device the visitor is using, e.g., smart phone or standard mobile phone and, depending which one it is, the plugin will load and display the right WordPress theme. WP Mobile Detector is able to recognize over 5,000 different mobile phones. It […]

Widget Context WordPress plugin let you control the visibility of widgets

Widget Context allows you to specify where WordPress widgets are going to be visible in your website’s sidebar, for example, show certain widgets per specific posts, only in the homepage, categories, tags, or archive pages and so on.  This is a great plugin that you can utilize when you only want to display certain ad size in […]

Tweet Old Post is a WordPress plugin to promote previous posts

Would you like to bring more traffic to previous posts you’ve published? Then Tweet Old Post plugin for WordPress is a must have in your website. Essentially what this plugin does is to automatically tweet you older posts promoting it and getting more traffic.  Tweet Old Post will randomly pick previous posts based on intervals […]

Thank Me Later WordPress plugin: Auto send a Thank You to those who comment

A Thank You goes a long way. Thank Me Later is a small plugin for WordPress that have the capability of automatically sending a Thank You note (email) to those visitors that leave a comment on your website. With TML plugin not only you can say Thank You but you can also prompt them to […]