How to make AdSense load faster on your WordPress site

This indeed is a good news for every website owner, not just for WordPress, because now Google is piloting a new ad code type to improve latency of web pages with AdSense ads. This is a huge deal because it means that pages in your site will load faster, which also means a better experience […]

How to insert Google Adsense ads by word count in a post

In this WordPress tutorial you’ll learn how to insert Google Adsense ads by word count in a post without the need of using a plugin. There are times when posts that you write on a specific topic has a good amount content and some other posts that have important information that you want to transmit, […]

How to insert Ads between posts in your WordPress homepage site

For some time now, surfing around the internet I’ve noticed, and you may have noticed as well, that a lot websites at the homepage have ads between posts from Google Adsense and other advertising companies. One of the main reasons is that one of the most effective places to insert ads is right-after the first post and […]

Show WordPress widgets only where needed with Display Widgets plugin

You don’t have to display every WordPress widget on every page and post of your site anymore, the power Display Widgets plugin is here to help. Display Widgets is a simple plugin that gives you the ability to set WordPress widgets to be either hidden or visible on specific parts of your website, changing your sidebar content […]