How to prevent Google Adsense from loading when users are logged in to WordPress

When running a WordPress site there are times when you don’t need to load certain parts of your theme when you’re logged in. One example of this is Google Adsense, loading your own ads is not a good practice and to prevent accidental impressions you can prevent loading Adsense while users are logged in to […]

How to insert Google Adsense ads by word count in a post

In this WordPress tutorial you’ll learn how to insert Google Adsense ads by word count in a post without the need of using a plugin. There are times when posts that you write on a specific topic has a good amount content and some other posts that have important information that you want to transmit, […]

How to modify a wp-config.php configuration file for WordPress

In this Set WordPress How-To article you are going to learn the steps necessary to manually modify a WordPress configuration (wp-config.php) file. There are going to be times where you are not going to trust the web-based installer to create your website or if you need some sort of additional configurations options. For these cases […]

How to remove first image from WordPress posts

In this article you are going to find the step-by-step process to remove the first image from WordPress posts. Each website is different, to find the optimal spot to place an image or an ad to capture the visitor’s attention is a challenge, and this also involves a lot of testing. But… what happens when you have published […]

How to add a Google Profile button to your WordPress site

Engage more and help your visitors to follow your stream of content by adding a simple, but powerful button that links to your Google Profile in your WordPress site. Google Webmaster Central offers a really simple tool where with just three steps, you can generate an HTML code that you can paste in your WordPress […]

How to generate multiple post excerpt lengths in WordPress

When you are designing or just tweaking your WordPress theme, there is a good chance that you are going to encounter a problem when you need multiple post excerpt lengths to customize your homepage or any other section of your website in a different way. Let’s say, for example, you want to display a post […]

How to insert Ads between posts in your WordPress homepage site

For some time now, surfing around the internet I’ve noticed, and you may have noticed as well, that a lot websites at the homepage have ads between posts from Google Adsense and other advertising companies. One of the main reasons is that one of the most effective places to insert ads is right-after the first post and […]