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Redirect WordPress RSS feed to Feedburner with FD Feedburner Plugin

RSS Feed Redirect sign

As any website owner we are always looking to push our content beyond the web browser to reach as more visitors as we can and we also want to optimize it as much as possible, tweaking and using analytics services to track statics to later use as reference and improve the site, etc.

When it comes to RSS feed there are many choices up there on the web, but one stands up from the rest because is good and free is Google Feedburner. Of course you can just use the RSS capabilities that WordPress offers, but Feedburner can provide some additional functionality, such as statistics, email subscription and email delivery, branding, the ability to add Google’s Adsense to your Feeds and generate extra revenue, customization, and much more. Plus it allows your visitors to subscribe using a variety of platforms.

Now, after creating a RSS feed with Feedburner, you are going to end up with two feeds, the one in your site ( and the Feedburner feed (, at this point you only need one, that is when  FD Feedburner Plugin comes into the game.

FD Feedburner Plugin is a simple to use WordPress plugin that its main function is to redirect the main RSS feed from your site and the RSS feed from comments (this is optional) to Google’s Feedburner. This plugin takes all the hard work out of your hands, so you don’t have to modify any templates, setup up new hidden feeds, ask users to migrate to a new feed or modify the scary .htaccess file.

The only setting that you need to set after you install FD Feedburner Plugin is to specify your Feedburner feed URL and click Save.

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