You already learned how to install WordPress using the graphical user interface, now in this Set WordPress tutorial you’ll learn how to make your new website look better! Of course that you can always choose something different when you visit the, there you’ll be able to find hundreds if not thousands of great free themes.

There are two ways in which you can change the look of your website: the first one will be downloading the theme files — typically will be packed in a ZIP file format, so do not forget to decompress the files — and then upload the folder with all the files to your WordPress site in the folder wp-content/themes, or you can do it the easier way by using the WordPress automatic theme installer.

To automatically install a theme follow these easy steps:

1. Visit your website and login to the Dashboard (e.g., then navigate to the Appearance and select Themes.

Theme WordPress Appearance

2. On the Themes screen, you will see two tabs, Manage Themes and Install Themes. In the Manage Themes, you can see all the available themes that are already installed. By navigating through the Install Themes tab, you can search for new themes by name or by using the filters (color, number of columns, theme options and much more).

Install Theme WordPress

3. Once you click the Find Themes button, you’ll get a list with all the results, each theme in the result will have a thumbnail, a link to Preview, a short description, a Details link, and the Install link.

Previe Themes WordPress

4. When you have decided which theme you like, you can proceed by clicking the Install link and in the pop-up just click Install Now.

Install Now - Theme WordPress

5. After the theme has been installed, it will show up under Appearance > Themes > Manage Themes. Clicking the thumbnail will give you a preview of theme, but now with your site. If you are OK with it, you can just click Activate to set the new theme to your website.

Manage Themes - WordPress Tab

6. Finally open a new tab in your web browser a check your new site design.

Note: If you are uploading the files manually instead of adding a new WordPress them automatically, after the upload of the theme files has being completed, you have to also follow steps 5 and 6 to finish setting the new theme.