A domain name is one of the most important and the hardest job you are going to have to do when creating a new website. You can spend, literally, months trying to find the domain name that fit your niche, but that time can be reduced with the hundreds of online tools that you can find to hep you make this task a little bit easier.

In this Set WordPress article I have compiled 15 excellent online tools that can help you out in the search for a good domain name. You’ll find a variety of search and suggestion tools that have an array of features so that, hopefully, you will find a few that are useful.

1. Domainr

Domainr - Domain name search web tool

With the boom of the online market almost everything has a .com these days, this makes it hard to find a good domain name that ends with the well-known .com, .net, and .org (these are TLD’s: Top Level Domain). Domainr is a clever web tool that helps to explorer other Top Level Domains to make your website stand out from the rest.

2. BustAName

BustAName - Domain Search

BustAName is a full-featured domain finder that uses linguistic data to aid you when searching for a domain. You can even save and manage your searches for future use. It also has a List of Words box that can generate similar words, if you click the arrow on the right.

On available domain names box — which is the place where domain you can buy are listed –, you can sort them out in different ways, like by quality (readability) or by length for a simpler viewing. Additionally if BustAName is not easy enough, there are some video tutorials to get you started.

3. DomainsBot

DomainsBot - Domain suggestions spinner and expired domain database

DomainsBot is a domain search and domain suggestion engine that also provides and Advanced search feature that you can use to customize and refined searches. You can choose, for example, the type of extensions (e.g., .com, .net, etc), status (e.g., available, for sell or expiring), to include hyphens and other parameters.

4.  Dot-o-mator

Dot-o-mator - Domain generator

Dot-o-mator is a tool that suggests domain names based on prefixes and suffixes (keywords) that you entered, or you can choose the pre-determined prefixes and suffixes categories to generate domain name suggestions. 

They also have a tool called Web 2.0 Name Generator that will try to generate words like agixo, kibox, etc., that can be fun and useful.

5.  Domain Tools

Domain Tools - Whois Lookup, DNS Lookup and more

Domain Tools is a domain search and monitoring web tool that can help you research important information about domain names. They provide the Whois Lookup to search for domain ownership records, domain name search availability check, plus suggestions, domain name that are For Sale or At Auction.

One really cool feature is Screenshot History in the Research section, that allows you to view images how a particular website looks like now and how it looked like in the past with the site profile, which contains a lot of good information.

6.  Domize

Domeize - Fast Domain Name Search Tool

Domize is a domain name search engine that check whether a particular domain name has been previously registered or not; also this tool can check if the unavailable domain names can be purchase on a secondary market or if the domain is soon to expire. 

Domize is based on Ajax technology that it makes it super fast looking for available domains. They provide a widget that can be install in your website to provide a domain search tool to your visitors, and also an iPhone app — because ideas can come up at any time. 

7.  dnScoop

dnScoop - Domain name web tool

dnScoop is a domain name estimator that tries to calculate the value of the domain based on factors, such as traffic, incoming links, and others. This could be come in handy when you want to buy a particular domain and you can see if the asking price is some how fair (measurements may not be accurate), or to make an offer to the owner of the domain name you are really interested on.

8.  Nameboy

Nameboy - Domain Search Domain Name Generator

Nameboy is a well-known domain name generator. You simple enter a Primary Word and a Secondary Word that are related to your niche, and based on these inputs, it can suggest possible domain names that you can use.

The tool does a pretty good job on suggestions, for example, if you type WordPress as your primary keyword and tutorials as your secondary keyword, Nameboy will return WordPressLab. You can also customize your search by allowing hyphen and rhymes

9.  Ajax Whois

Ajax Whois - Domain name tool

Ajax Whois is a really simple domain search tool based on Ajax, it is fast and anyone can use it. To make the domain research even faster, they added a set of keyboard shortcuts to satisfy all users.


StuckDomains - Expired Domains, Dropped Domains database

STUCKDOAMINS is a database that contains expired domain names and they weren’t renewed. Plus it is a domain idea search engine.

11.  Instant Domain Search 

Instant Domain Search

Instant Domain Search is a simple, fast and free service that check if domain manes are available for .com, .net, and .org. You can save your search using a simple keyboard shortcut — which it seems pretty handy –, and they also provide a free widget that you can install in your website to provide this feature to your visitors.

12.  DomainTyper

DomainTyper - Domain name search generator

DomainTyper is an instant domain name checker and domain name generator. Checking availability for the .com, .net or .org is super fast, you start by getting results as you type. In the left side you also have the Web 2.0 Domain Name Generator, which can randomly create domain names on the fly.

As other services mentioned in this article, DomainTyper offers a widget that you can place in your website and you can easily customize. Plus there is a DomainTyper for your iPhone and an iGoogle widget.

13.  pcnames.com

pcnnames.com - Domain name search

pcnames.com is a query based instant domain name availability checker for .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, and many more. Other tools available from this service are:

  • Domain generator, just type some keywords and the tool will return possible domain names that you can use.
  • Bulk Lookup with this you can paste unlimited number of domains to be checked for availability. 
  • Mobile App, this a simple web page to access pcnames.com via your phone.
  • Widgets: Three different widgets are available for your to choose and place in your website and offer domain name checks to your visitors. 

As you can see pcnames.com is packed with a lot of feature that will make finding the right domain name a much easier task.

14. AjaxDomainSearch 

Ajax Domain name Search

AjaxDomainSearch is an open source web tool that can instantly check the domain name of your choice and see if it is available (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us), really easy and fast.

15.  Domain Name Soup.com

Domain Name Soup.com - All the Domain name tools you are going to need.

Domain Name Soup.com is an awesome web tool to research the next big domain name. Domain Name Soup.com offer an array of utility you can use, some of them include:

  • Domain name generator
  • Domain name search
  • Domain name wizard
  • Word manipulation tools
  • Prepend/Append
  • Letter searches
  • Word lists
  • And many other tools that you should really check out.

Besides all the great tools, Domain Name Soup.com also has a great explanation on how to use every tool they have, which makes it a great resource to use to find the right domain name that suit your needs.

What to consider when picking up a domain name for your website:

  • Use keywords that relate to your content (niche); search engines like domain names that relate to the content.
  • Be ready to spend a lot of time trying to find the right domain name for your website, it is a hard task, but it is rewarding at the end.
  • When researching for a domain try using typos if the name you want is already taken, take a look at these guys: Digg.com, Scoop.it, twittr.com, etc, you get the idea. Also try to make the domain name as short as you possible can, this makes it easier for people to remember.
  • This is somehow obvious, but try to get a .com domain name, instead of other extensions, such as .info, .net, .me, .biz, etc, if you are trying to create a service website or an everyday website, or if you want to become the next msn.com or cnn.com people are already used to .com, don’t make them think.