It is finally here, WordPress 3.3 code named “Sonny” (named after the jazz saxophonist Sonny Stitt) stable is ready for download now.

In this new version of the most famous content management system (CMS) you’ll find many changes, like a new user experience, navigation, uploading, and imports.

What’s new for users:

Long gone are the days of using several clicks and navigate through different places to upload your media (images, videos, and audio tracks), now there is a new drag-and-drop uploader that makes much easier to upload any type of media supported. Before, you needed to click each item menu to expand its content, going forward you can just hover the menus and the items will then display. There is a new toolbar, the admin bar and the old Dashboard header have been combined into one persistent toolbar. A new improved co-editing support is in place with WordPress 3.3, now it is much easier to really see and get alerted if someone else is editing a specific post right at that moment. Finally another major addition was the Tumblr importer.

The WordPress team has been also working hard on improving the experience for those users that are just starting with the software. WP version 3.3 has a new welcome message for first-time users, it also comes with a new and improved pointer tips that highlights new features on each new release, and a new redesigned help tab that will make much easier to find solution to issues that may occur. Lastly, WordPress 3.3 brings improvements in the Dashboard for iPad users and other tablets with better touch support.

What’s new for developers:

Besides that all the new user experience can be enjoyed by developers as well, in this latest release there is a new editor API ready to be explored, new jQuery version, an improved method for hooking into the help screen, and more performance post-slug-only. If you are interested on getting to know more about the new changes and additions, check out the Codex and in Trac.

As always you can get this new update by going to your site’s Dashboard and to WordPress 3.3 on the yellow banner or you can use the link below to download the files and do a manual update.

Explore what’s new in WordPress 3.3

Watch the short video to see all the new improvement and changes in WordPress version 3.3.

Things to consider:

There are a few things you should consider to do before proceeding to update your site: First, give the new the release a couple of days before updating, as much a this is a stable version it is a good idea to wait and see if other users are having any trouble updating or if there is a new bug that require to be fixed right away.

Second, make sure that all the plugins you have installed in your site are compatible with WordPress 3.3. This means that you should make sure that all plugins are in their latest version. If you have doubts about one of your plugins, email the author or leave a comment in their forum asking if the plugin works fine in the latest version of WP.

And third, backup, backup, backup, before updating have a full-backup in place; this means having a copy of all your installation folder and uploaded media, plus the database backup. The last thing you need is to ruin years of work — you should also check for more information.