The excitement is building up and we are getting closer and closer to the final release. Now WordPress 3.3 RC2 (Release Candidate 2) has been released and it is ready for download, just days after the announcement of the Release Candidate 1.

So, what is new in this latest release of WordPress 3.3. The WP team in the build made sure that the new toolbar works the same in all web browsers, and also they finalized the API for developers. If you would like to know all the bug details, you can check the complete list of change here.

The WordPress team is going like an old LP record playing over and over — don’t give me wrong, pushing is the only way to get things done –, and advancing plugin and theme authors to test every their work now. They also published some interesting posts about everything you need to know to be prepared for WordPress 3.3.

As we are getting closer to the final stretch of the road, all features meant for this release are done, most bugs has been worked out, but this still doesn’t mean that you can install WordPress 3.3 in a live environment. You should only use this release in a test lab and to get to know all that is coming.

If you are testing WordPress 3.3 Release Candidate 2 and if you are having some problems, discuss them with us, but you should also post it in Alpha/Beta area in the support forums, report it to the wp-testers mailing list. Join the development IRC channel and tell us live at #wordpress-dev, and File a bug ticket on the WordPress Trac.