How to fix WordPress 3.5.2 Database Update Required error

I just updated to the latest WordPress 3.5.2 maintenance update, but when I clicked the “Update WordPress Database” I ended up in another page that only displayed the WordPress logo. After trying to complete the database update several times I also stumbled upon an error that looked something like this: Fatal error: Allowed memory size […]

How to recover posts from wp_posts table being “in use” in the database

How about this, you wake up one morning, you get your cup of coffee like you usually do, you open the web browser and to check how your site is doing only to find out that all your posts, pages, comments, all your hard work have vanished, but with the website still working. The first […]

How to choose the right web hosting service for WordPress

Being new to the world of web hosting many people will ignore the importance of the environment in which websites are going to live on. Having a good web hosting is key to success for your website as well as for its content. There are many different type of services that you could find to host your […]

Excellent domain name tools and tips to help you find the right name for your website

A domain name is one of the most important and the hardest job you are going to have to do when creating a new website. You can spend, literally, months trying to find the domain name that fit your niche, but that time can be reduced with the hundreds of online tools that you can […]